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Understanding Your Rights When Arrested

DUI ArrestGiven the proliferation of media portrayals of police action, criminal law, and the world of justice in the courtroom, it can be difficult to understand many legal issues. Television shows and news reports can sometimes offer a one-sided or even inaccurate depictions and information. Whether the issue is the consequences of a DUI arrest or the typical course of action of a criminal defense lawyer, misinformation in media portrayals abounds.

One common area of confusion that we try to explain on, regarding Dallas bail bonds, is the issue of what rights an arrested person has. The fact that a person is under arrest does not mean the individual no longer has any rights. In fact, there are many rights upon which an arrested person can depend to ensure the situation goes smoothly.

The Right to Remain Silent

One right that is often mentioned is the right to remain silent, and for the most part it is relatively easy to understand—you don’t have to say anything that would incriminate you. But what is not often mentioned is that it’s important for you to announce out loud your intention to invoke this right. Don’t assume that remaining silent will make you look suspicious; it is common (and wise) not to speak to police unless a lawyer is present.

Whatever you do, do not lie. Doing so can result in major legal problems.

The Right to Leave

Sometimes, dealing with the police can be intimidating and you may feel compelled to do whatever the police say and even some things that they don’t. What you should know is that you are free to leave until you are arrested. The police cannot simply detain you indefinitely without charging you, so even if someone with you is arrested, you may have the right to leave. If you are unsure whether or not your presence is still required, simply ask politely if you may leave. If you are told that you may not leave, simply politely comply and do not argue.

You also have the right to leave if you have been placed in jail. Depending on the crime you have been charged with as well as other factors, such as your past history, your flight risk, and your job status, a judge may grant you the right to bail. Paying the bail amount allows you to leave jail until the time of your court appearance, when a judge or a jury will decide your future fate.

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