Dallas County Jail Locations

Need to find the Dallas jail location for someone you know?

We've provided a list of the Dallas County jail locations  and easy access to the Dallas County Jail Lookup system for your convenience.

Dallas County Jail Locations


Dallas County Court Locations

Have questions about your court location?

Here's a list of Dallas County court locations with current judicial contact links and information.

Dallas County Court Locations


Paying for Dallas Bail Bonds

Worried about how you can cover a $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more bail? We've been helping Dallas residents make bail, and defending their rights for 15 years.

Dallas Bail Bonds

Immigration Bonds in Dallas

Immigration bonds are different than your typical bail bond. These cases deal directly with the federal government and require special procedures.

Dallas Immigration Bonds

Dallas County Jail Lookup

Looking for someone already in the Dallas County jail system? Find the jail location, offense charge, bond amount and more for anyone being held in a Dallas County Jail.

Dallas County Jail Lookup


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