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Understanding Basic Bail Bonds Terms

DUI ArrestThere is a first time for everything, and usually you have a chance to learn the ropes. A DUI arrest, however, does not allow you the luxury of time to figure things out. You need to understand what it takes to get out of jail, typically with the help of a Dallas bail bonds company. Attorney Eric Hill, as described on, has successfully bailed and defended clients in Dallas for 15 years. Your smartest move is to find the best criminal defense that is available to you.

Learning the Meanings

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure defines bail as the amount of money that you must provide to the court as proof that you intend to appear on a certain date to respond to the charges placed against you. Other terms that you need to know include these:

  • inmate: when you are arrested and taken to jail, you are an inmate until you get out of jail on bond or are released
  • defendant: your status until you appear in court for adjudication where a judge decides on your guilt or innocence
  • indemnitor: your co-signer who pays the fees for your bond and makes sure that you appear in court
  • bail bond: a written contract that your indemnitor agrees to purchase so that the bond company can assure the court of your appearance as ordered. A bond is usually about 10 percent of the bail amount set by a judge.
  • bail bondsman: an agent who guarantees to pay the full bail amount if you fail to appear in court
  • collateral: something of value that you own like a car, guns or jewelry that a bondsman can hold as security on the risk taken on your behalf
  • bail jumping: a criminal offense that you can avoid by honoring your commitment to appear in court and pay your bondsman

Immediate Assistance

Attorney Eric Hill, Amanda Murphy and the bail bond agents at the law firm described on JailSucks.comare ready to provide immediate response to your call for help. Make sure that your family calls 214-524-5782 as soon as possible when you need a bail bond.

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