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Jail Release and Defense Lawyers

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Our Defense Lawyers
Focusing on criminal defense and Irving Texas DWI/DUI cases, as well as immigration bond cases, Eric and the staff at Murphy-Hill Law Group are recognized all over Irving as the ones you truly want to have on your side--especially when your defenses are down. Many of our clients have commented that having Eric as their lawyer and surety of their bail bond provided tremendous relief at a time of high anxiety. Having him there by their side from the initial arrest as a criminal defense attorney, acting as bondsman and the lead defense lawyer throughout the trial process has assured many clients that nothing falls through the cracks.
About Irving Texas
Standing as one of the Irving-Fort Worth Metroplex’s largest suburbs, Irving is the home of the Las Colinas business center, one of the first master-planned developments and formerly the largest mixed-development in the country. Irving is home to more than 10,000 local and multi-national companies and nearly 210,000 residents. Conveniently nestled next to the DFW International Airport, the world's second busiest airport, Irving provides easy global access for international businesses. 
TX DWI Lawyer
Over the last 15 years, we've been helping clients with Dallas drunk driving arrests and DUI offenses gain jail release and sympathetically present their cases to the court. Our lawyers can successfully plead your case before the Dallas courts, which are renowned for their tough stance against DWI and DUI offenders.
Texas Jail Release
The most important thing when your loved one ends up in jail is getting them out in a timely manner. The Attorneys listed on JailSucks.com can help with just that. We get you bail fast!
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Murphy-Hill Law Group

Eric C. Hill, Attorney

Eric C.Hill can do more
for you than a licensed
Dallas bail bond agent.
Why? Because he is 
a licensed defense 
lawyer who's been 
serving the Dallas area  
for 15 years. When 
your freedom is in
question and your reputation is on the line,
he's the one you
want at your side.
Murphy-Hill Law Group




Amanda L. Murphy, Attorney

Amanda L. Murphy is
a Dallas criminal 
defense lawyer
experienced in Texas 
DWI and Texas DUI
law and federal 
criminal bond 
issues. As your legal
advocate, she
protects you and
your rights when
your defenses
are down.